Tips for targeted networking during the NY MB Fashion Week!

Networking means meeting new people, exchanging views and ideas, and keeping contacts that will probably help you at some point with your job or personal life. But you want to take it to the next level, and make it more purpose -driven. In fact you only want to meet the right people; the most likely to be contacts instrumental to your professional endeavors this moment. Make sure that you politely and artfully skip all the rest and irrelevant.

Do your research to discover the places the most-interesting-people-to-you are hanging out or visiting. Ask friends who are better ‘insiders’ than you, and google a lot!

Design your business cards so as to attract attention from the right people. Your cards have to include specific information about what you want to promote as being your job or major project right now. They should also be the right color, font, and layout. They should look unique without being over-the-top.

Create a well-coordinated list of other-than-the-main-schedule things-to-do including independent events and little presentations with people you think they might be useful to you. It’s not only going to fashion shows! Just fill in your plan with other minor occasions that are related to your job. Of course, leave some time for lunch and dinner in-between, because the last think you want to happen to you is getting starved and crashing down.


Elena Sendona

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