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The Miami-Based Lifestyle Brand Sunday Citizen Expands to NY with the Perfect Fabric Formula for Loungewear & Interior Design

The Sunday Citizen brand has officially announced the launch of their brand into the New York interior design and women’s fashion apparel markets. The science behind their crystalized one-of-a-kind fabric construction is what separates them within the realm of similar product lines. The team of Creative Directors behind the brand have spent years across Europe and Asia working with private fabric production mills to develop the perfect fabric formula and patent this new technology. Sunday Citizen’s crystal weighted blankets are filled with shaved amethyst, clear quartz, and rose quartz gemstones beneath small precise quilting patterns that when combined create a cocoon wrapped in the ultimate softness and peaceful energy powers.

For centuries, crystals have been used in holistic healing and to absorb and direct energy patterns. Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer that relieves stress and soothes negative emotions. Clear Quartz is the master of all healing because of its ability to magnify the vibrations of other crystals. Rose Quartz is known as the universal stone of love. The result…the most restorative sleep of your life and pieces that are crafted for citizens of the Sunday lifestyle. It is the brand’s mission to help you accomplish making the most of your personal time by giving you the tools that provide the ultimate regeneration and are essential in how you live each day to the fullest and continue to be at your best at any given moment in time.

Sunday Citizen has engineered these unique fabric blends that promise to always be exceptionally soft, durable, and easy to wash and maintain. You are covered in softness at moments it matters most: while you are in bed or just relaxing at home on the sofa. All of the collections under the Sunday Citizen brand are focused on making you look good and feel amazing. The Sunday Citizen women’s loungewear collection is raising the bar for the ‘old sweatpants’ at-home routine. The brand’s goal is to develop leisure clothing that mimics the same level of comfort, but with a trendsetting sex appeal that allows you to always look and feel beautiful.

Sunday Citizen started with a luxury hotel owner who was on a quest to find the softest blankets for the suites. Unhappy with the blankets the market had to offer at the time, he partnered with a textile engineer to create his very own super soft blanket. The result was a blanket so soft, durable, and cozy that they decided to share it with the world. But the blankets were just the beginning. Why not take this uniquely innovative fabric module and outfit the world? And just like that, three collections were born. These textile aficionados and experts in the field are dedicated to sourcing and curating the absolute best fabrics for similar indulgent souls. Visit to shop the collection!

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