Sports Car Inspiration!


This is how you take an inspiration and you put the whole set of images it entails… hundred steps further! I saw this amazing Moncler M collection designed by the famous London-based Greek designer Mary Katrantzou, and instantly realized how hot, interesting, and revealing, the collaboration of two opposites can be. It’s mixing two contrasting attitudes in a way that deviates far from the initial inspiration, which, in this case, is the interior of a classic sports car as well as visual details from a gypsy caravan.

Silhouettes are sculptural – typical of the designer’s AW12 mood – the bespoke brocades are unique and the whole combination of Moncler craftsmanship and hand-made elements screams luxury and comfort! In accordance with a general tendency to use new types of ‘non-fabrics’, we will see a futuristic version of the previous season gowns in the form of light-weight nylon coats, easy-to-wear all day long. And of course you will notice those wonderfully tailored down jackets mimicking in shape a car seat! The neck is completely protected and sealed from bad weather, but at the same time there is no disturbing puffiness, or distorted human silhouette. It’s elegant and chic, feminine, and even… glamorous!

Elena Sendona


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