Redken’s Guido for Victoria Beckham!

Redken Creative Consultant Guido created another sleek, minimalist down hairstyle for the Victoria Beckham Fall/Winter 2012 show at the New York Public Library. Each style was cut to a blunt, uniform finish that made for a lustrous, ultra-modern finished look.

“This is a simple style that in fact becomes very glamorous when worn with Victoria’s sexy clothes, working to both highlight the collection and even “tone down” the look a bit. We worked to get each girls’ hair flawlessly smooth and straight- you can make hair this straightforward stylish if you do it perfectly. The hair in New York always reflects what I like to call American minimalism- the styles, like this one, aren’t often complicated, but they reflect a simple beauty that I think works wonderfully here,” Guido said.

Redken Products:

– Satinwear 02 ultimate blow-dry lotion

– Hardwear 16 super-strong sculpting gel

– Shine flash 02 glistening mist

Create the Look:

1. Starting with hair trimmed very straight with a blunt finish, add satinwear 02 ultimate blow-dry lotion to protect and soften hair, and blow-dry.

2. Create a deep side part and flat iron hair until perfectly straight.

3. Add a generous amount of shine flash 02 glistening mist for a glossy finish, and tuck hair behind the ears.

4. Use a dollop of hardwear 16 gel to slick down the front of the style for an extra wet finish and added texture.

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