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Red Challenge!

If you happen to be in London don’t miss the new Valentino Rockstud Rouge pop-up boutique at Harrods, 1st floor, dedicated entirely to the AW 2013-14 Rockstud Rouge Collection. Valentino studs are my favorites, and those ones decorate my pink iPhone case which you might have seen before in this blog. As for red, it’s a color I recently started to feel comfortable with, now owning a red Miu Miu skirt, a red peplum top and a red coat (part of the collection I designed). I decided that red is not too much for me, and that in fact, it flatters me a lot. It seems that Valentino is famous for his signature red, despite the fact that the designer insisted in his documentary that it’s not only this red he’s known for. The revisited shade is so popular though, that we often describe it as ‘Valentino Red’. And we all love it so much!



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