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During the NY MB Fashion Week at Lincoln Center, creative director Oskar Metsavaht of Osklen debuted his women’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection. For next season, Metsavaht takes inspiration from the cut, color, vibrancy and transparency of gemstones, translating these influences into a collection of innovative fabrications and original prints. The Osklen aesthetic represents the lifestyle of modern men and women in a world where the urban and the naturalistic, the global and the local, the organic and the technological co-exist. This balance is further exemplified by the brand’s use of eco-friendly “e-fabrics”. This season, Metsavaht utilizes ecological silk, formed by use of cocoons discarded by the industrial process and environmentally safe vegetable dyes.


I love the designer’s approach, the simplicity he evokes through his creations, as well as his ability to capture the essence of what good fashion is, what his clients want, and what’s the relationship of men to women, of femininity to masculinity! There are certain things in fashion and aesthetics that can be common consensus, regardless of sex or age. Urban people, after all, tend to differentiate less and less in terms of gender-based style but at the same time enhance the idea of personality-based originality! Osklen, by being ‘simple’ and linear stresses successfully this idea of authenticity and uniqueness, of strong character and strictly personal style.


Elena Sendona



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