Playful Shields!

cocoandbreezy1Sunglasses not only protect from the UVs but sometimes they really act as shields against gazes and unfriendly attitudes – being emblems of confidence and coolness. My suggestion today is couple of designs from the avant-garde Coco and Breezy line, which has been in the market over the last 5 years attracting celebrity clients and fashionistas who wish to stand out. The styles are eye-catching, sometimes infused with unexpected color or shine. The shapes have a futuristic flair but also a vintagy quality. These two creative personalities and actual twins made a long trip of creativity and survival before establishing themselves in NYC, following their own version of the American Dream. I recently discovered some of their amazing statement pieces and would love to share some of my favorites with you, since summer is here anytime soon! I would also highly recommend you to read their fabulous adventure in their website,


Rainy Days Sunglasses and Goldenheart Sunglasses

Great style at amazing prices! Let’s start shopping!!!


Elena Sendona

Photo at the top of this page to the right: Zesiro Tortoise & Gold Sunglasses and Thema Yellow Sunglasses

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