Perfect Evening Hair!

Recently, as a guest to summer weddings and other special occasions I had to do the choice between an array of fancy hairstyles to match my dress and the different settings. I came up mostly with updos – chignon, braids, and low buns – because these are the ones that last more.

Because most of the events were destination weddings, my hair looks had to be beach-ready as well. I realized that a top-knot, for example, if fixed with spray, can survive a day by the seaside. If spritzed by accident with salt water, splashed a little while swimming, hair is fixed even more. Once dried, salty hair stays put as long as you can afford!

So needless to say, that I’ll from now on always tie my hair into a structured updo when it comes to summer weddings and parties. I’ll be sweat-free and impeccable for a long weekend or so, and I will not need to brush or curl over any strand at all. It’s that level of convenience a short boyish cut offers too! Check my dos, and my inspo celebrity looks and let me know what you think!

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