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Paxyma SS18: Indian-New York Minimalism

I always love new fashion brands with a certain edge and Paxyma is definitely one of them. The unisex, vegan, and yes, high-end line debuted its first collection back in September. Launched by duo Steven Hoffman and Ramin Paksima, the new line draws inspiration from ultra chic minimalism and India’s luxe draping and style. Think Indian Rick Owens!
“This season has an Indian vibe,” Steven says. “With elements of utility and workwear.  Functionality and comfort are always important.” The unisex line is truly for everyone and anyone, with pieces cut to fit and flatter both men and women.
“Our inspiration was to do unisex,” Ramin explains. “1940 flight suits and trucker jackets—real americana but not just jeans.” Combining that with a South Asian vibe, the collection transcends all different styles. Minimalist Steven wears the pieces himself, and maximalist Ramin lives in them.
“Its unisex, one size fits most,” Ramin raves. “Everything we make is heirloom quality, it’s beautifully made. It’s about Steven’s personality and my personality. I’m gonna wear it and use it to its capacity. I’m gonna wear it and use it forever.” The collection is also made in New York, with natural and high-tech fabrics—but all vegan. From cotton voile and jersey to taffeta to silver foiled canvas, the materials are luxurious and yet still understated.
“I just did not want to contribute to that cycle that wastes so much and has such little value for the animals involved,” Steven says. Hence, a chic vegan line that will blow you away!
The pieces come in neutrals like taupe, white, black, and also metallic silver, and yes, it really is one size fits all. (Ramin swears he wears the biggest pieces and they really do fit everyone.) The designers hope customers will not only take the brave step of trying on their clothes, but will fall in love once they do. “It’s a spiritual revolution that touches you personally,” Ramin declares.
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