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PatBO Fall/Winter 2022: Back to Couture Levels

For her Fall/Winter 2022 Collection, PatBO Founder & Designer Patricia Bonaldi returned to her couture beginnings – traveling back in time to find inspiration from when she started her eponymous Brazilian label in the early 2000s. While PatBO’s resortwear has become ubiquitous, it’s Bonaldi’s original couture eveningwear designs that first put her on the map. The upshot of her rearview glimpse is a collection that pays homage to both craftsmanship and over-the-top early aughts style.

In accordance with a general “Roaring 20s” attitude, most looks are skin-baring and bejeweled. The designer does the on-trend cut-outs in a sophisticated and whimsical way that showcases technical expertise and imagination.

The dazzling and revealing creations come in black, white, gold, silver, purple (a color trend), and other wonderful shades. The jewel parts include playful fringes, bead & crystal embroidery, sheer compositions, all arranged in a way that enhances the bodycon silhouettes.

Although most looks are fitted, they seem to liberate the body from unnecessary structure, having in the end a flowy effect. They are heavily embellished, yet they look lightweight and ethereal.

Hoops, straps, and ties overlap in a flirty way playing peekaboo with anyone who sets eyes on them. The clothes are well-constructed, so they look put-together and sleek, far from the chaos intricate pattern-making could have caused.

There are some gorgeous velvety quilted or puffy jackets, as well as some gorgeous blazers, yet in general, the collection maintains its summery feel, mostly designed for women who brave the cold for style, or those lucky enough to spend their next New Year’s Eve in a tropical setting. Still, these evening looks can be layered under a heavy coat of yours and make it to any party venue even in the heart of December in NYC or elsewhere! They are dancefloor-ready, joyful, and a great reason for you to RSVP Yes to an array of formal events.

Getting back to the introductory Gatsby perception of any attendee at this NYFW show, the dazzling fringes and glam details allude to sexy “flapper girl” vibes as well as the infamous Brazilian carnival dancers; that’s a fact!

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