My New Fancy Top!

One of my first inspirations for this top was the knitting yarn I got from a quite old and specialized shop, which apart from selling imported wool, offers every Saturday knitting courses for beginners. I fall in love with this orange-pink yarn that looked like an endless necklace of cocoons with a velvet (chenille) feel! It’s so soft and playful that you cannot resist the temptation to add it as a decoration everywhere. So I decided to adorn a blue-purple Y-back tank top with it, creating a beautiful neckline, full of color and texture. The idea is simple but the execution needs a bit of attention so as to hide all the stitches supporting the yarns, ending up to the perfect all-purpose top. You can definitely wear it with skinny jeans or 70’s-style flared pants, keeping always the bottom of the look to its simplest. The whole idea is to spotlight the top. I call it “Colorful Maze” and is sister-design with my Sparkling Maze Tops!

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