Not My Very First T-Shirt!!!

Debuts are always difficult, even when they look rather small or insignificant. You need tons of courage to make a start when you are not used to. Keeping up with what you already do seems to be far more comfortable. That was the burden I needed to overcome, when I decided to do something new in my life – almost new I could say, since there was just a decade in my life when I didn’t design at all. I was talking about it but not creating it. It seems natural for a fashion editor but not for one who has spent in the past many hours holding the needle or the drawing pencil and producing looks for her dolls and for herself. Bearing this in mind, shall I rather refer to my debut are rebut? That’s more to the point. Once again I visited the local market bought scissors, needles, reels, tape and finger shield just to start with it. I also got colorful star, pear and flower-shaped crystals (the authentic, from the Crystallized by Swarovski Collection) and went back home. My imagination was still alive and this was very relieving to realize. I made my first t-shirt combing my favorite colors in warm and cool materials. Fuchsia and yellow were the protagonists of my palette. I combined velvety threats with crystals. It’s girly with a rock-star twist. I can wear it with skinny jeans and really rock the party!!!

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