Multi-tasking dry oil

nuxe_oil1It’s included on my list of items, I can call super-products, those that can be used for any reason, in order to add beauty to your overall picture. Huile Prodigieuse by NUXE is a dry oil that can be applied on hair, body and face in order to make them, soft, smooth and glowing. This product nourishes, repairs and protects hair and skin in an incredible way, since it is enriched with precious vegetable oils (30%) and vitamin E. I like it after every bath and early in the morning, because it has a really delicious perfume! You can find it in selected drugstores.

Αν θέλετε ένα λαδάκι που να κάνει multi-tasking, ομορφαίνοντας μαλλιά, πρόσωπο και σώμα, τότε αναζητήστε σε επιλεγμένα φαρμακεία το Huile Prodigieuse της NUXE.

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