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LaQuan Smith: NY Vibes in Athens

laquan_smith1LaQuan Smith, brought with a single colorful, sparkling show NY aura in Athens. As a special guest of the Athens Xclusive Designers Week, the designer lifted up Greek fashionistas’ mood even higher presenting a range of ultra-mini and fitted dresses in crazy colors, metallic shades and details including Rihanna’s golden outfit at the “Rude Boy” video clip. In perfect symphony with the girls on the runway, he appeared at the end of the show – full of positive vibes – dressed in vivid green and accessorized with turquoise sneakers. What was impressive of him is his variety in approach. In between disco girl looks we saw modern versions of chic, lady-like as well Grecian styles. I would dare to say “Excellent”! Needless to mention that he has already created custom pieces for Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Tyra Banks, Amber Rose, and he is only 22!

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Μας ανέβασε τη διάθεση ο LaQuan Smith, φέρνοντας τα vibes της Ν. Υόρκης στην Αθήνα, μια πόλη που αυτή την εποχή χρειάζεται τέτοιες ανέσεις θετικής ενέργειας και αισιοδοξίας για να επιβιώσει. Ελπίζω αρκετοί Έλληνες σχεδιαστές που παρακολούθησαν το show να πιστέψουν ότι η ποιότητα και η αχαλίνωτη φαντασία δεν είναι άπιαστο όνειρο, αλλά ζήτημα τόλμης και πάθους.

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