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Krizia FW23: Dynamic Contrasts

Krizia continues its journey of exploration and experimentation in the Fall-Winter 2023 collection, intensifying the interplay of opposing elements. Sartorial structures in wool intertwine with delicate, silken transparencies, blending masculine designs with feminine contours.

The collection thrives on the juxtaposition of warm and cold, with metal — Krizia’s iconic symbol—taking center stage. Laminated leather and pure steel fiber fabrics embody the industrial essence, while artisanal eco knit furs crafted from Japanese yarns evoke tactile luxury.

The Krizia FW23 collection showcases contrasting surfaces, such as intricately textured leather that mimics the scales of a creature.

The interplay between glossy and matte textures extends to hyper-transparent mohair knit evening dresses with complementary tights, contrasting with fluid, wet-look viscose garments.

Galvanic metal hues inspire the color palette, ranging from vibrant shades to timeless neutrals and iconic black and white. These dynamic contrasts echo the true essence of the Maison, propelling it into an almost futuristic realm.

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