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Together with the ease, comfort, effortless elegance, and great quality of materials, the Donna Karan brand is synonymous with, the designer introduced us, through her Spring/Summer 2014 Ready-to-Wear Collection to an even more laid-back aspect of traveling and of collecting different culture inspirations along her way. We saw many non-western prints and forms borrowed from her endless trips across the world, to India, Africa and elsewhere.


She actually revealed this time the ultimate must-have of a fashionable traveler; a beautiful scarf which she wraps around the body, tights it or just drops it on the shoulders. This scarf takes up many forms in this super organic, easy-to-wear collection, in the same way her stunning loose skirts and shirts do. Everything looks like an amazing piece of fabric dyed and printed by local artisans, and then ‘molded’ magically in casual or random shapes, quite perfect for summer vacations.


It’s this wrap-around, customizable concept of hers, quite distinctive of the style she promotes for years, which remind us of the best vacations we had. It could be when we forgot to bring the essentials but for couple of huge silk and cashmere scarfs in our luggage. And those were the best getaways… Donna gives the real essence of traveling in style, carrying with us tons of self-confidence and charm. Her colors are effortless too, inspired by nature, and able to look perfect after many days of leisure and zero care for what we’re wearing. After all, the most important thing in the summer is our healthy tanned skin. Let’s expose it through Donna’s masterpieces!


Elena Sendona



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