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Jordan Alexandra: Strictly Disciplined Seduction!

Can anybody compromise military severity with fetishist lingerie details in a way that oozes modern-day elegance and high fashion? One of the industry’s rising stars Jordan Saenz artfully managed to do so for her own brand Jordan Alexandra. The presentation of her extremely interesting debut FW15 collection “Suit Up with Bras” took place in Manhattan’s financial district during the New York Fashion Week and was attended by media and fashion enthusiasts alike, wanting to catch the first glimpses of fashion’s newest “one to watch.”


It was a statement-making, unconventional, minimalist collection with strong androgynous elements and an urban sense of sensuality. The clothes featured exquisite craftsmanship, tailoring and pattern-making. She was playing with asymmetry, contrasts and monochromatic layers in a way that evoked edginess and a very luxurious feel!


Her collection is elevated with unexpected leather lingerie detailing. The designer was influenced by her own aesthetic as well as years working under the direction of Zac Posen, Oscar de la Renta, and Betsey Johnson. The silk and cashmere blend pieces are carefully crafted and will retail between $300 and $2300. Several pieces feature removable leather lingerie detailing that creates a multi-faceted and multi-functional wardrobe that can be taken from classic to avant-garde styling easily.


The result brings two polarized elements to life on one canvas. With an identity of its own, the collection features neutral structured classic staples, unexpectedly punctuated with black leather bralettes and garter belts. But under this austere & kinky surface, you will find a quest for functionality and a new vision about fashion in the near future. Gender stereotypes are smoothly gone with the wind, and what’s left is haute style matching a busy lifestyle.


Made in New York’s Garment District, with a fiber content of 55% silk and 45% cashmere, the pieces provide a desired warmth for winter without interrupting its clean well-tailored silhouettes. They will be available for purchase at select retailers and online at beginning August 15, 2015.


The designer received her formal training at the Art Institute of San Francisco, and went on to hone her craft at some of the nation’s top design houses. During her tenure at Oscar de la Renta and Betsey Johnson, she worked in lingerie design for the labels, which she credits with influencing her design aesthetic. Her spiced-up classy uniforms can strategically be adopted on a variety of occasions; some of them even as captivating power suits in the corporate arena, while others definitely within the artistic/fashionable circles. Check the Jordan Alexandra Website and get ready for more exciting news soon!


Elena Sendona


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