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How to Dress for a Summer Special Occasion!

Dressing up is never an easy feat, but gets a little harder when high temperatures are involved. The greatest of all fashion challenges comes when you need to attend an outdoors high-profile event, and it’s too sunny or too hot outside. If dress code is black-tie or optional black tie, you definitely need something dressier than a cocktail dress, meaning a midi-to-maxi length number crafted from nice fabric and feeling luxe. You can’t totally prioritize comfort but you can definitely combine the quest for it in a stylish, occasion-appropriate look. Let’s go through the different boxes you have to check.
Lightweight Fabric
An ethereal fabric such as chiffon will allow you to breath and move. Opt for a silk-based weave and a light color. Avoid black and thickly woven fabrics. Mesh and tulle are pleasant too, if silk-based. Stay away from polyester fabric, even if the design they are molded into is your favorite. As for lace, think of a cotton-based one or one that is as light as Chantilly. If you entrust your looks to a seamstress, then get her to line lace partially, and pick a non-synthetic lining.
Roomy or Flowy Silhouette
To some body types, fitted dresses are especially figure-flattering. In general, though, styles that don’t tightly follow your body contours are the easiest to wear. You can define your body shape with a little gathering or drapes here and there, but it doesn’t need to be bodycon. If monochrome and fitted, sweat stains will most probably appear in the least wanted spots, and your body might feel as if it’s trapped in bandage.
Cut-Outs & Sheerness
They are both sexy and comfy, but you have to be use these decorative elements in moderation and depending on the occasion. The ‘naked dress’ or the ‘bare mid-riff ensemble are not always an option. At a church or old-school gala, the most nakedness you can dare is probably a hem slit, cold shoulders, or a half open back. Sometimes even the illusion of nakedness can cause a ‘scandal’. Yet in most parties, you can do a cut-out, a sheer panel, or something really flirty. You might want after all to get some gorgeous men’s attention.
Bejeweled fabric feel too heavy in the summer. A sequined dress doesn’t allow your body to breath, so better do such a fabric in an oversize silhouette. If you need some sparkle in your looks, get it through delicate jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, rings, or bracelets. Avoid chunky jewelry, or those covering a big part of your skin. One way to make your look dazzling lately is the glittered decolette. Just apply a little body lotion or make up and sprinkle it with glitter.

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