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Give Me Your Sign!

What’s Your Sign? Jewelry (WYS) shakes up the scene with the introduction of Birthstone Shakers, a sensational new collection unveiled to great acclaim this summer. The Birthstone Shakers Collection proclaims a daring, modern twist on traditional birthstone jewelry, presenting a bold, beautiful – and uniquely spiritual – way to celebrate one’s birth month.

The Birthstone Shakers Collection is comprised of gorgeous gemstone pendants, each representing a different month of the year. Within a clear quartz disc a confetti-like storm of precious or semi-precious gemstones and diamond studded sterling silver stars float and swirl effortlessly and gracefully. The quartz disc is further adorned by a carved silver bezel featuring the 12 zodiac signs. The pendant, available in large and small, hangs from a starred hinged bail, and can be paired with a shimmering silver chain, or a coordinating precious or semi-precious strand.

WYS’s Birthstone Shakers pendants make a bold and meaningful statement worn solo or, for a trend-right look, layered with sparkling silver and diamond zodiac charms from WYS’s Zodiac Collection. It can be the wearer’s own zodiac charm, or multiple charms – one for everyone dear to the heart. Step up the look with the addition of a smaller Birthstone Shaker pendant for that special someone.

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