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As I told you in my last post, this week I’ll be revealing to you one-by-one my upcoming NY MB Fashion Week outfits contrary to my initial thought of keeping them a secret until I hit the shows and events. I feel that I will get you inspired and even happy with what I’ve chosen, but even if not, I would love to have your feedback. My second look centers around this wonderful perforated leather skirt from Rebecca Taylor which is girly and rock & roll, with an edge in terms of materials. It’s short enough to flatter my legs and blends wonderfully with my lace-in-PVC Marc by Marc Jacobs back-to-school bag. To add some pop of color I decided to wear a green peplum top designed by myself and trimmed with an extra peplum of pink silk satin. Being glamorous by nature I couldn’t resist the temptation to wear it with my super comfy Marc by Marc Jacobs wedge sneakers. I love metallics and I ardently defend the idea of comfort. For that matter, I’ll be combining all my outfits in NYC with these amazing sneakers. I’m sure that they’ll grab attention and surprisingly enough they will not torture me at all! Let me admit that I love being shot by street photographers there, and I’m doing my best in the area of posing and selecting statement outfits!

On a separate tone, I’ll be wearing this mini skirt with nude legs, although I’m not tanned at all (and believe I was on vacations!), just to add an innocence factor to the look. I don’t like to look like a grown-up in this outfit, but prefer to emphasize the playful character of it. And September in NYC is still a hot month, at least in its early part. I hate sweating after all! Or to be more specific, I like to sweat only at the gym! What I have to seriously take into consideration is that in all my looks I’ll be carrying this fab see-through bag. This means that I have to carefully process the content of my bag, so as to allow you to see only attractive colorful things. The key to this challenge is choosing little boldly colored purses and accessories that could more or less match the rest of the outfit. Each one of them will contain some of my daily essentials, things that I’ll be using throughout a long day and night of events, catwalks, and parties. And they luckily will not be visible to you! Believe it or not, there are things that we want to keep private. All of us, I mean! So, that was my super girly, edgy outfit, and you stay tuned for the third one which is going to be posted tomorrow and could be called ‘alternatively festive’… In the meantime, scroll down for the rest of the fab photos!


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