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Gaultier’s Weapons of Mass Seduction

Who can actually deny a dip into Jean-Paul Gaultier’s sensual ocean revealing now the first lingerie collection ever recognized by the designer as something special to be worn under garments or behind closed curtains? Everybody talks about it since its initial launch in November 2010 and will refer to that for a long time. Originating from Madonna’s outrageous looks during the 80’s, this kind of underwear is luxurious, provocative and stunning. With soft details, delicious colors and smart positioning of laces and transparencies, these pieces can be called chef d’ oeuvres! Sharing La Perla’s know-how in intimate apparel and dragging wisdom from his famous stars’ bra past, Jean-Paul returns to what he masters: the art of seduction. His fashion items can deliberately seduce the whole world and… thank god, he gives this privilege exclusively to women!

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