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FW20 Trends That Will Be Trending Forever

As we a getting a bit more concerned about the duration of fashion trends, we will be increasingly drawn to well-made wardrobe classics — meaning the opposite of trends or the “anti-trends.” Sustainability is at the core of all discussions designers are having with other creatives as well as scientists. We can surely find a way to dress up without adding up to fashion’s environmental toll. Fashion is the No2 polluter among industries and for this to change we need to compromise some of our views on what is “fresh” and modern. In fact, some of the pieces we already own can look “brand new” if we style them in a different way. So, instead of making drastic changes to our wardrobe every season or hoarding items that are not wearable, let’s curate our personal collection so that it can be restyled and worn a million times. With pandemic and all, we have taken an array of brave decisions and one of them is to create a timeless wardrobe. Here are some important tips on how to resist fast fashion’s tidal wave and embrace a responsible attitude. New habits will take you to a new era. Don’t call it the “new normal,” just call it the “new you.”

Enough With Disposability

Invest in high-quality items. Inevitably, you might be able to buy a smaller number of items, as each one of them is more expensive than those people buy in multiples. Still, these are the pieces you enjoy the most, because stay in perfect condition, although you wear them frequently. Plus, due to their hefty price tag, you put more consideration into each purchase, ending up buying a product that you really love. Your clothes should stop being one-offs! Less is more and in this case, a closet filled with fewer clothes that mix & match is way more manageable.

Study & Reboot

Before you buy anything, go through all the things in your closet, and get rid of those you are not practically wearing over the last year. If in doubt for some of them, wear them in front of the mirror and try to style them in different ways. If they don’t look good on you any possible way, add them in the pile you want to recycle or gift to other people. Minimize your closet’s content, until you only have clothes you are ready to wear and know how to combine. Also check the possibility of upcycling them into a different piece, for example, a dress that can become an impressive blouse. Give some a second chance in styling by checking magazine photoshoots and editorial suggestions, still, what you see there is not always applicable to your lifestyle. Probably, you have a little more time to go through this process of reassessing your wardrobe in a way that works for you. Keep notes on items that need to be combined with others that you’ve never bought.

What To Buy Next

Focus on the pieces that are no-brainers for you. Once impulse buys stop, you will start becoming a collector of wearable fashion. Your fancy top needs great tailored pants and your flirty skirt might require the perfect crisp-white button-down you never had. Your looks don’t need to be complicated. A statement piece always needs a luxe basic next to it. Start reading the labels or the descriptions of the clothes online. Check the country they are coming from, the sustainable practices they are related to, and most importantly fabric composition. Go for wool, cashmere, silk, cotton, linen, and avoid cheap synthetic choices even when designed as eye-catching, fashionable silhouettes with impressive effects. Opt also for fabrics that are made of recycled materials. Google the names of novelty fabrics to see how they are manufactured and whether they hurt the environment. Start asking questions. Most customer services will respond to your inquiries, and if they don’t, just skip them. As consumers, you are now in a position to maintain a responsible attitude. Ignorance is no more an excuse. In the end, you will feel happy to be contributing to a cleaner planet.

Let’s Get Started!

Even while reading these lines, I’m sure you feel unsure of how to start, and to help you, even more, I’ll give you some brands and items you can consider buying, once you purge your overloaded closet. I’ll mention things that look “so hot” right now, while in fact they never went or will go out of fashion!

Elevated Knitwear Is Key

If you take the bold decision to ditch all these sweaters and knits that look worn-out, you’ll have extra space in your closet for gorgeous pieces of knitwear by the NY-based brand Khaite including sweaters with unexpected details, bodycon dresses & tops, bodysuits, and even a bralette with matching V-neck cardi. Creative Director Catherine Holstein will give your wardrobe a luxe downtown girl spin.

Tailoring & Blazers

As part of your “power suit” or a special-occasion look, a blazer is a sleek element that flatters you. Altuzarra has well-designed ones that can stand the test of time, including the exquisitely tailored Indiana style and the “hero piece” of the season, the Egan leather blazer. Leather blazers don’t just have momentum, they are here to stay!

Wool, Cashmere, And Other Chic Layers

In chilly weather, your looks can be topped with perfect-texture cozy outerwear such as those quintessentially created by Max Mara. Made of camel hair & wool blend, alpaca, or cashmere, these coats are wintertime excellence. They elevate every single outfit, mix & match easily, and keep you warm. A coat like this can be your day-to-evening stunner for years to come!

The Upscale Puffer

Puffers look casual because they are mostly meant to be layered over off-duty weather-proof looks. Still, athleisure and streetwear are trends credited for luxuriating it. Designers like Miu Miu, Prada, and Balenciaga have mixed it with glam dresses and high heels, and brands like Moncler reincarnate the puffers in countless new versions each season. Go for a stylish puffer with a motif or silhouette that gets all of the attention. This comfy essential will become your fashion statement. A great-looking puffer is always attention-worthy!

A Cool Pair of Jeans

Jeans of very unique design will always hold a special place in your closet. The new brand STILL HERE is focusing on that need. Its founder, Sonia Beyda Mosseri, an avid collector of jeans, recreated timeless styles with artisanal additions including painted stripes and chain-stitching.

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Dress Up With Crystals

It’s already been done by Christopher Kane but AREA is further contributing to that level of dazzling coolness. Crystal fringes and other rhinestone elements are next-level sparkle. Dresses, tops, shoes, and accessories are done with artisanal precision, everything hand-made like in couture. We love sequins but crystals are another thing, they are almost jewelry! This type of glamour never gets old!

Featured photo (top to the right): Altuzarra FW20

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