Francesca Marchisio FW23: Embracing Change

In the profound countdown towards a world reshaped beyond familiarity, distractions, accusations, and despair emerge as companions. In this ever-shifting landscape, Francesca Marchisio extends her hand, offering Philosophy as a remedy, and the steadfast principles of Stoicism as a guiding star. With the curtain rising on the Fall-Winter 2023 collection, the stage is set for a transformative journey. “STOIC’NESS” stands as more than mere clothing; it is an invitation to embrace the cadence of climatic, personal, and global fluctuations. With resounding clarity, it beckons us to instigate change where feasible, igniting ripples of transformation that resonate far beyond ourselves.

How, you may wonder, does Fashion meld with Stoicism? In the symphony of our sartorial choices, we become the architects of societal metamorphosis, crafting revolutions through custom and fabric. STOIC’NESS unveils itself as an experiential odyssey, every piece a cog in the machinery of mindful living. Marchisio’s canvas begins with the “foundations,” a selection of meticulously curated fabrics: luscious certified wool, durable yak, resilient hemp—a homage to nature’s intrinsic beauty.

The “construction” phase champions reversible, modular designs, each garment a harbinger of longevity and adaptability. In a grand tapestry of thoughtful ingenuity, the “de-construction” process takes the stage, repurposing and rebirthing existing creations into new narratives of style. Marchisio, a maestro of transformation, breathed life into Stoic principles on the Altaroma runway. The principles, like stanzas in an ancient epic, weave their essence into each symbolic ensemble:
Accept the things you cannot change just as time changes our bodies.
Clothes have to adapt to us thanks to buttons, buttonholes and frogs…
Don’t waste time judging or trying to amaze.
Getting dressed is an act of honesty towards ourselves and others, style continuously flows into new canons.
Aware that nothing is forever, enjoy the value of the present and the things you already own.
The quality of the materials is essential.
Just as fears can be turned into opportunities, even “the old” can evolve into better versions.
Levis jeans, tents, family trousseau and other precious heirlooms are transformed.
We cannot control the world but we can control our actions and reactions.
Create rather than consume! Imagine better versions of you in the same clothes.
Always look for new balances, so that they are really sustainable for everyone.
7 – LOVE
Give without expecting. Kindness, even if delicate as silk, is a solid foundation on which to build.
Don’t worry! Always carry a vest with detachable hood and sleeves in case of rain or cold 🙂
Experience the joy and sense of freedom by choosing to stay out of the game… once in a while.
10 – RELAX
Breathe, take time to reflect and then “Festìna lente”…hurry slowly!

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