Fattore K Celebrates 20 Years with New K-LAB Showroom

In the vibrant heart of Milan, Fattore K, a prominent name in the fashion showroom scene, celebrates its 20th anniversary in a grand style by unveiling a new showroom, K-LAB. Founded in 2004 by the visionary cool hunter Gianni Klemera, Fattore K has become a beacon of innovative menswear, showcasing a curated selection of international brands.

This milestone marks not just two decades of success but also a significant expansion with the launch of K-LAB, strategically located in Milan’s Tortona District. This new space is dedicated to the intersection of fashion, outdoor, and performance wear, embodying the showroom’s forward-thinking philosophy.

Fattore K’s journey of evolution and expansion began in earnest in 2014, when Mattia Mao, an expert sales manager, joined as co-partner. His strategic insights and leadership, particularly during the challenging times of the pandemic, have been instrumental in broadening Fattore K’s horizons. Their membership in the Camera Showroom Milano (CSM) further solidified their position in the market.

Today, Fattore K represents 20 distinguished brands, including Red Wing Shoes, Paraboot, Universal Works, HOWLIN’, and Merz b. Schwanen. A notable new addition is Norse Projects, a Danish brand known for its minimalist aesthetic and Scandinavian roots. With a robust portfolio of 500 accounts across Europe, Fattore K manages its operations seamlessly from Milan, participates in Paris Fashion Week, and hosts a seasonal temporary showroom in Zurich.

The decision to inaugurate K-LAB during the June Milano Fashion Week is a testament to Fattore K’s optimism and resilience in a challenging market. This new showroom will remain open until the end of July, showcasing the SS25 collections of brands like YMC, Merrell Lifestyle, Purple Mountain Observatory, and TAION.

YMC (You Must Create), a renowned London-based brand, offers creative total looks for both men and women, drawing inspiration from artistic and musical subcultures. Merrell Lifestyle, famous for its heritage sneakers, brings versatile, high-performance footwear designed for outdoor adventures. Purple Mountain Observatory, a newer British brand, explores the synergy between nature and urban dynamism through its outdoor and activewear collections. TAION, which means “body temperature” in Japanese, specializes in ultralight, water-repellent thermal insulation garments.

Gianni Klemera encapsulates the spirit of Fattore K and K-LAB, stating, “This initiative represents a strong signal of great positivity towards a currently struggling market. With K-LAB, we are ready to seize opportunities even in the most challenging times. The brands we have included respond promptly to the needs of a contemporary, discerning consumer who values not only product quality but also the philosophy behind it and, importantly, its price.”

As Fattore K celebrates its 20th anniversary, the launch of K-LAB signifies a new chapter in its legacy, bringing together fashion, outdoor, and performance under one innovative roof. This expansion reflects a commitment to meeting the evolving demands of consumers and adapting to the dynamic landscape of the fashion industry.

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