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Etro Spring/Summer 2023: A Creative Dive into the Archives

New creative director Marco De Vincenzo delved into the archives of the iconic Italian brand to find fundamental and niche elements of the brand’s past as a platform and foundation to start his journey. The result was the Etro Spring/Summer 2023 collection which decodes and reinvents some of the house’s classics, leading to an exciting makeover.

He called this journey ETROPÌA, as his own path to make his personality meet with the brand’s heritage. Imagination runs wild on and off the runway, with creations featuring an array of motifs, symbols, and visuals, from florals, exotic birds, and fruits to abstract gradient and psychedelic patterns.

Simplifying and refreshing the imagery without losing on the core aesthetics and eccentricity, the designer gives a modern perspective.

An emphasis on sustainability is expressed through handbags made of archival Etro fabrics that were in the warehouse and via fabrics made of recycled plastics.

Hand-dyed multicolor cashmere, denim brocades, and degradé stripes on cotton shirts are ways to remind a younger audience of the history and novelties of the brand through the decades.

Raw shapes, simple, elemental patterns, an interplay of volumes and proportions, and decorative maximalism are the key elements. Proudly made in Italy, these creations are meant to be bought as heirlooms and investment pieces, so get ready for shopping once they hit the stores.

Etro is on the hype in the US and globally, and this collection seems to be having spectacular potential as it appeals to both fashionistas and the woman who loves great quality and something aesthetically unique.

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