Des Pierrot Spring/Summer 2022: Unconventionally Famous

Have you seen Machine Gun Kelly dressed in Des Pierrot? Based out of Los Angeles, this is a self-made brand that consists of all handmade pieces inspired by the lifestyle and mind of its designer, Deslyn Pierrot. It is known for its detailed, multi-pocketed, button & zipper embellished pants, but also contains knitwear and outerwear with an edge. The motive behind the brand is to push individuality and uniqueness. Art is the designer’s life and Des Pierrot wants the world to see, wear and experience his creations. There is definitely some cool, celebrity-approved streetwear in there!

The SS22 collection is a combination of streetwear & handmade tailored garments. Inspiration was drawn from the iconic Studio 54 lifestyle which embodied many components encapsulated in its eclectic nature. From its inception, Studio 54 had allure that made everybody want to be involved. The experience, the energy, the love, the sex, the freedom are all different facets that inspired this collection.

To be accepted in a place that knows no bounds & to be accepted in a world that’s different from the one you live in is intriguing. The colors, patterns, glitz, and glamour worn during the highest peak of disco by its exclusive crowd are at the core of this collection. However, Des Pierrot incorporated various elements from its restrictive club-goers to create inclusivity and ensure everyone feels welcomed.

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