Front Row

Chromat FW18: Kayaks, Diversity, and Cheetos!

It was upbeat, promising, and bold! Girls walking down the runway portrayed a wide range of silhouettes, features, and origins. They were ready to swim and have fun with water.

Chromat Fall/Winter 2018 is about trying to find joy and escape within the spiral. The collection is inspired by summer kayaking trips and personal watercrafts. Imagine wearing the collection while eating flaming hot cheetos on a boat in the Hudson! It’s definitely time to pack for a quick getaway.
Chromat collaborated with poet Jahmal B. Golden on a poem entitled “Lick Your Lips Sis” inspired by the spirit of FW18. One section of the poem that relates to the brand vision is the power of asking for what you want.
One positive outcome of this new awakening is to elevate marginalized voices and bring more seats to the table. Whether that’s a salary that matches a white male coworker, or safety in the workplace, or to have your boundaries respected in your private life, telling people what you want is powerful and that was the message behind this colorful and cheery collection.
The show enjoyed wide coverage from the media. It was praised for its fresh and relevant message. It really made the difference!
Eva Chen in her Instagram account (@evachen212) is seen immediately embracing the styling and concept of the Chomat show – Cheetos & eyewear & signature empowered attitude)!
Elena Sendona