Chinese Treasure Hunting!

One of my favorite bloggers Chic Muse recently traveled to Beijing and just posted another set of snaps from her debut experience in this peculiar and interesting city. I loved the pictures showing the different aspects of this unique destination and the way she combined local elements to her personal style. The approach is fresh and charming, quite successful in promoting the idea of a trip there. China is much discussed right this moment and fashion people are trying to interpret this culture in detail, since it emerges as a huge, growing market for luxury goods. One of the most eye-catching items I spotted in her wonderful gallery is the oh-so-insane Prabal Gurung x Linda Farrow sunglasses she was wearing. I just want them too! If you share my desire, shop these fab sunnies from

A few days before, Giorgio Armani showcased all of his inspiration in the same city and the whole 32-minute catwalk was a true miracle of fashion ingenuity. He actually stunned the Chinese audience!

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