Malan Breton: Chinese Culture and Opulence!

For NYFW SS15, self-taught designer Malan Breton experienced a calling from his motherland but interpreted it in his own fabulous way, with lots of glitz and shine, bright colors and a theatrical spirit. Folk was there but he’s talented enough to present it as something fashionable and cool.


“The vast cultural influences of Taiwan have always been a part of my fashion collections, the country’s architecture and the native tribes have always provided a wealth of inspiration for me,” Malan explained. In tandem with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau Breton he took his audience on a trip to the heart of Asia…


The runway show featured his well-known men’s and women’s looks, some worked with the indigenous fabrics of his native Taiwan and others made of the Malan Breton signature fabrics. The collection was full of magentas, sunshine yellows, pale greens, shades of lavender. For the finale women wore voluminous white evening gowns accented with the Tao Tribes trimmings. His menswear was accessorized with a selection of sneakers by Cruyff and hand-made shoes by CrowInstagramnhill. Additional partnerships were: Christos 5th Avenue Salon, Bella Cosmetics, Blacklace Skin Jewelry, Konstantina Tzovolou women’s shoes and The New York City Ballet! Check his work at, and @malanbreton on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Love you All!!!

Elena Sendona


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