Cate Blanchett: Stunning on the Red Carpet

She was the most elegant lady we noticed on the red carpet during the Oscar Awards. Flawless, avant-garde, and ultra-chic, Cate Blanchett represented the classical version of today’s fashion, which is not limited by traditional color-and-scheme combination, but still takes advantage of some golden rules such as the supremacy of simplicity, the magnitude of neutrals and the great importance of smart details. Her incredible Givenchy gown made a huge Haute Couture statement, leaving the rest of divas really “back” in terms of boldness, originality, and fineness. She was classy and very fresh. The outspoken balance between structured and loose elements/fabrics, the interplay of the light blush color of the dress (and beading) with the vivid yellow beads added selectively close to the shoulders surprised everyone in a pleasant way. Exquisite tailoring created an illusion of architectural space with wearable qualities similar to that one achieved for Spring 2011 by rising fashion designer Mary Katrantzou, who employs prints as a means to this concept. In Blanchett’s case, impressive seams, tiny pleats, and beads played that role, transforming her gown into a façade of a baroque building. I could interpret the front part of the dress as a portico wrapped in flames while the back seems to be positively surreal, a work of art that challenges the senses. The yellow beading was almost “splashed” onto the X-shaped straps like golden caviar! Nothing else to say… Blanchett was amazing that night.

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