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Blumarine FW23: Enigmatic Power

A captivating narrative unfolds as Blumarine‘s Fall-Winter 2023 collection emerges. The Blumarine woman radiates charisma, a modern Joan of Arc, prepared to conquer her battles with the spirit of a passionate heroine from a medieval legend.

A coat of robustness and allure becomes her armor. Silver and gold skintight draped minidresses, paired with matching leggings, envelop her in liquid metallic radiance. She dons tall shearling greatcoats and high-collared cropped bombers that exude a commanding and daring aura. Thick buckled straps symbolize her protection.

Glamour harmonizes with fierceness. Metallic openwork knit long tunics trace her form, revealing its seductive allure. Sinuous georgette numbers ablaze in fire-red allude to amorous skirmishes, frayed hems hinting at love’s trials. Velvet pufflers cascade with ruched ribbons, suggesting temptation.

Extremes unite and flourish—extra-long maxis against barely-there minis. Leather embodies toughness, while sheer chiffon breathes delicacy. Flares oscillate between extravagance and skintight precision. Knickerbockers nestle into high-heeled shearling boots. A realm without moderation prevails.

Embracing the provocateur’s spirit, the Blumarine woman personifies both glamour and composure. Ready for the fight, yet judicious with her efforts. Blumarine’s discourse embraces diversity, welcoming and enticing every woman. Femininity escapes formulas, evolving through balanced harmonies. Like nature’s blooming rose or the butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, Blumarine arises from these premises. Blumarine is in perpetual motion, for femininity is ever-transforming.

From romantic to soigné, sensual to angelic, Blumarine resonates with the multifaceted woman. Guiding the ship is Creative Director Nicola Brognano, who assumed the role in late 2019.

Born in 1990 in Calabria, Italy, and nurtured in his mother’s bridal atelier, Nicola Brognano honed his craft at Milan’s Marangoni Institute. He apprenticed with Giambattista Valli in Paris before launching his eponymous label in Milano. His talent shone in 2016 when he won the Vogue Italia and Altaroma contest Who is on Next. The Blumarine identity is embodied in Nicola Brognano’s fusion of flowing femininity and audacious sharpness. Educated in couture’s classic dialect, his design ethos pulses with a gentle rebellion, rendering women resplendent and sensual. With an eclectic perspective, Nicola Brognano casts contemporary and lighthearted nuances upon romanticism.

If you are traveling to Greece, you will find this brand and many other coveted Italian designers at the luxurious multibrand Eponymo stores and all those monobrand boutiques introduced to the Greek market by the Gruppo Pagoni.

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