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As many of you probably noticed, our site was down for the past two days with the ugly “Reported Attack Site” message showing up whenever any page was accessed or a Google search was performed. We wanted to apologize for this and give you a report of what happened.

It was late Friday night when we discovered the issue. Since then, our IT team has worked non-stop to resolve the issue, which also involved various other sites hosted on our ISP. It took the better part of Friday night to figure out that the problem was caused by malware that was adding a link to a well-known malicious Javascript at the bottom of every fashionality post. It was then a matter of cleaning up the appropriate files in the various site directories and working with Google to ensure that the Reported Attack message was eliminated.

In the process of working through this, we also upgraded WordPress to the latest version which should also make the site faster and more stable. Finally, we think you’ll like our new logo and the new layout for photo slideshows. We look forward to continuing the fashionality tradition from a stronger and safer platform!

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