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AGL SS24: Fun & Glam

In the Spring/Summer 2024 presentation at Milan Fashion Week, AGL unveiled a collection that seamlessly bridges the past and the future, drawing inspiration from the dystopic regal beauty of Sofia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette.” This collection, a study in control, power, and desire, is draped in a hyperreal wash of femininity, resonating with the movie’s themes.

AGL’s presentation created an aura of minimalist elegance, yet full of visual surprises. The footwear was showcased against a backdrop of mirrored paper, casting reflections that added to the allure of the designs.

Key to this collection is the concept of “Queen for a day,” with carefully aggregated embellishments bringing a sense of regal opulence to the modern era.

The collection was launched with a campaign film styled by Katie Grand and directed by Felix Cooper. In this short film, the essence of the collection comes to life, transposing the inspiration into a future kingdom where shimmer is unleashed against a glossy black background. This cinematic portrayal captures the essence of the collection, highlighting its boldness and freedom.

AGL’s SS24 collection stands out for its modernized rococo design in footwear. The designs feature bold shapes and a vibrant color palette, including vivid neons, lime, aqua, and fuschia. Fresh fabrics, such as washed denim and calendered terry with a gloss effect, add a contemporary twist to the collection. This footwear line is a reinvigoration of classical ideals, infused with ultra-modern thought, where past and future coexist in perfect harmony.

The collection’s heels, straps, and slippers are designed for a new age of royalty – self-possessed, warm, stylish, and bold. Each piece in the collection speaks to AGL’s mastery in reshaping traditional elegance into something unapologetically strong and free. With this latest offering, AGL not only cements its place in the modern fashion landscape but also redefines what it means to wear footwear that is both timelessly elegant and boldly contemporary.

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