Zero Size: It’s Not Fictional

I am just so disappointed with high-end global brands and their exclusive stores in Greece ignoring XS, Petite or else 0-sizes and overstocking or investing only on M, L and XL sizes, which implies that the possibility of a woman wearing something smaller is regarded to be tiny in this country. I am not embarrassed with myself because I am not in fact the exception to the rule and the only one to complain about the monopoly of the so called “real or above-zero” women here. But I can see the misery of the Greek market behind it, meaning that here only those women loaded or gifted with extra kilos, pounds, calories and sometimes big-inherited fortunes can lead the way to the luxury market’s clientele and policies, while young, women of style, action and hard-earned money who maintain a 0-size silhouette are treated as a minority that everybody is jealous of, but nobody believes it exists in real life. I can assure you that I know many of them who share the same problem, facing another form of “racism” in this society and finding pleasure in buying only accessories and all-sizes fashion items from luxury stores in Greece. It means that they confine themselves into the realm of fashion which is unrelated-to-fit, while themselves keep fitness very high and could, from one angle only (if healthy), be called the “fittest” of all. As you might understand, the discrimination experienced by 0-size women in such a market seems far more painful than the one attributed to big sizes. A few hours before this post, a salesperson at a high-end exclusive store in Athens advised me to go for the British brand’s children’s trench coats sold in Greece, trying to cover up the lack or rareness of XS items in their Greek stock and the mainstream policy of most stores avoiding to bring to this country high-quality clothes for slim women. I would like to inform luxury brands all over the world who are interested in the Greek market that 0-size women do not reside only in magazines but are actually walking in the streets together with curvy and too curvy ones, all having the right to get their favorite prêt-a-porter items from the original boutiques in their own territory, without the need of traveling abroad or surfing on the internet. I, like many others, healthy and slim, do not enjoy shopping anymore, because we are looking for our size like a needle in a haystack! Can you do something for us? We can afford the price but we cannot tolerate the scarcity of the items…

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