Young and Sexy!

Louis Heal, a recent graduate from the London College of Fashion with a BA degree in Fashion Design Technology, is an exciting newcomer to the fashion industry. Despite his relative youth, he is already making an impact in this notoriously difficult industry. His debut Spring/Summer 2012 collection was inspired by his interest in contrasting feminine mystique with the raw, sexual energy of the fetish world. Louis used latex as the foundation for the collection, reworking, molding and embellishing his pieces until the material was almost unrecognizable. His aim was to capitalize on the contradictions that are inherent within the use of this material, transforming it beyond its fetish origins to elegant evening attire. The exploitation of these conflicting elements resulted in the production of a collection that is demure, elegant and feminine with a raw, primal ‘sex’ appeal. His collections have been worn by various celebrities and also featured in multiple publications internationally. Fresh from this recent success, Louis is excited about this new S/S 13 collection. It’s wearable but also makes a clear statement about the wearer in a way that is subtle yet intriguing. The fascinating elements he employs now are: gold metallic details, embroidery, ethereal silk, asymmetries, exotic leathers, seductive fishnet, contrasts, color-blocking, drapery, and suede. He pays great attention to the silhouette he produces accentuating the waist and sometimes the shoulders with belts, other accessories and metallic hardware. In this collection, he also has a love affair with insects. The result is very fresh, modern and elegant!

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