Ulla Johnson: Pre-Spring 2020 for All-Time Travellers

For her recent holiday trip to Argentina, the imaginative designer packed her colorful and artisanal Pre-Spring 2020 lovelies, as she shared a sneak peek with her followers. With stripes and other wonderful abstract graphic prints, these hippie chic styles will make waves across vacay destinations. She surely is getting all her inspiration from travelling. One great thing with her pieces is that they can be adopted year round. Mixed with outerwear or sandals a dress can transcend seasons easily. The colors are bold but not obvious, they come from a sophisticated mix and there are shades that tap into her memories. Puff sleeves, ruffles, and roomy skirts are part of her rich design vocabulary. She is quite thoughtful in her choice of fabrics, regarding usability and sustainability and she creates beautiful unexpected looks that show a great deal of research and experimentation. Let’s pack her goodies and set sail right away!

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