Tropicana Before the Wedding Bells!

I’ve already told you a couple of times about this amazing wedding that took place back in September among other New York Fashion Week events. It might have been the wedding of my beloved friends Jean and John, but at the same time it was a one-of-a-kind fashion experience further enhanced by the couple’s decision to set distinct dress codes for both the pre-party and the wedding reception. ‘Great Gatsby and Art Deco’ for the wedding but also ‘Sequins and Hawaiian Shirts’ for the pre-party at the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Brooklyn!

pre_party_jj1Jean in Alice + Olivia and John in Etro

I couldn’t predict or wish for a better feast of colors and motifs than that! The abundance of rare, collectible, original and even designer Hawaiian shirts at the party was divine. For a fashion analyst and writer like me, that was paradise on earth, and so I couldn’t stop staring at the different styles and designs, on some occasions making educated guesses about the exact origins of the pieces and on others recognizing the designer.


To be fair, it was mostly a daring fashion moment for men at the party, who really absorbed the playful mood of the dress code and embraced the exotic theme. Those guys in their palm tree and tropical fauna motifs, drinking the couple’s signature cocktails at the bar and trying their hand on the shuffleboard really brought back the fun and flirty aura of summer vacations, and it was so fresh in our minds, indeed!


Some ladies – such as me – opted for the sequins, but again those who stood out – including the bride – were adopting the Hawaiian theme. Dress code is always fun not only for the fashion-savvy but also for everyone open to this gorgeous challenge.


I’ve heard, at other times, some people complaining that they find it hard to pick a compatible outfit, but usually once they get into the process of dressing up for the dress code, they get excited with the idea. Look at all those amazing pictures produced from the party! Look at all those bold choices and happy smiles! The result and the variety/diversity displayed here is mesmerizing! It’s fashion heaven! Isn’t it?

Many wishes again!

Elena Sendona







Photos: Vik Manchanda

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