Timeless Lace!


I created this maxi mermaid lace skirt to be worn on special occasions. It’s delicate and simple so as to make the ultimate piece for an opulent night out. The bicolor lace I used for it is lined with nude organic silk fabric which further accentuates the floral motifs and the beautiful shades of pink and red. This idea of colorful lace is quite popular right now and you can see many celebrities sporting the trend in the most coveted red-carpet events. Viewed from a distance, this skirt seems to show skin, but this is totally an illusion, as it is completely lined. The only prerequisite is sky-high heels which will make this look the most figure-flattering of all. This super-romantic yet modern skirt is another new piece from my upcoming Elena_Sendona collection, which as I said in a previous article, focuses on the cosmopolitan type of woman – the one who needs, every season, clothes for any kind of weather. For that matter, this collection, will include both wintery and summery looks, since I know that you all travel a lot! For extra information about my collection, send a message to:



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