The Ultimate Fashion Drawing Book

advanced_drawing1I always read books about drawing. It’s a quite old hobby. When I was kid I had my sketchbook always with me, and when i didn’t have it, I was drawing on course and school books, making my instructors very angry. If you share with me the same passion have a look at the “Advanced Fashion Drawing”, written by the famous artist Bil Donovan. You can take that way a lot of useful lessons on fashion drawing without going to a school. For those who don’t know, Donovan is Dior Beauty’s first artist-in-residence who has worked and lived in New York, Paris and Milan. He currently resides in New York where he teaches at the Fashion Institute of Technology. He has also worked for Vogue, Yves St Laurent, Town and Country, St. Regis Hotels, and Mercedes Benz. The book is ideal for advanced students who want to go a step further and work on their talent. You will see wonderful photos, illustrations and step-by-step guidance which is very useful. It includes illustrations from other artists, such as Tina Bering, John Jay Cabuay, Cecilia Carlstedt, Daniel Egnéus, and Bo Lundberg. Advanced Fashion Drawing is a practical book showing not only how to draw the figure but also how to illustrate it in today’s fashion and lifestyle market. Among other topics it talks about composition, line quality and various techniques. You can get it from Amazon

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