Sort of Animal Prints!


My 6th outfit for the upcoming NY MB Fashion Week is a daring mix & match of prints based on black and warm shades and inspired by animals. One could more or less call them animal prints, deriving their power from bees and the wild life respectively. It’s my Alexander McQueen leggings together with a vague leopard print top designed by myself. The most stunning element in my leggings is that it seems as if my legs are nude and wrapped in a strange net, and what I think is cool in my top is that asymmetric hemline. In combination, they create a brand new silhouette which I’m trilled to sport during the Fashion Week. It’s a sportive look but at the same time I feel that I’m dressed up. My standard accessories are the silver wedge sneakers and the lace-in-PVC bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs, further enhancing the idea of edginess and comfortable luxury. More and more I’m developing the idea of a cute fashion creature bold enough to blend colors and prints, while sophisticated enough to catch you by surprise with unexpected details.

And what is still under discussion is my hairstyle going for the moment towards two conflicting directions; one very minimalist and the other maximalist, futuristic or extraordinary. If I choose maximalist, I’m sure that I have to sacrifice some of my convenience and step a little bit outside my comfort zone. We’ll see! And besides this temporary dilemma, I’m already very happy with my choices since they 100% represent me and my view on fashion. It has to be a genuine approach, if I’m ready to stand out. I tried to get influenced the least possible by friends, trends, and the rest of factors, in the way I combined the various pieces. I skipped certain rules along the way, and prepared my blends instinctively. There is some sort of logic behind each one of the looks but this is my logic, the philosophy I’m cultivating inside me when it comes to fashion. Style is a point of reference and, if interesting, is a conversation-starter. Style is my own formula of communication with the people around me. And I’m so charmed by the way New Yorkers maintain this dialogue on the streets and everywhere. You can have the most wonderful chat about fashion in this City, at the most impossible places and spaces. Anyway! Hope I will manage to tease once again your sense of style with my NY MB Fashion Week outfits! You… stay tuned for more outfits and, in the meantime, scroll down this post to see more pictures from this crazy look!

Love you ALL!!!

Elena Sendona







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