Sexy Motifs!


As I already said this Aminaka Wilmont leggings is one of my favorite items in my closet and the whole point of attraction come down to the right printed motif. Trying now to mix this with something equally seductive, I decided to combine it with my Marc by Marc Jacobs lace-in-PVC bag. It’s a choice I made for super fashionable outings, especially during the NY MB Fashion Week. Previously, I’ve been wearing it with one of the peplum tops designed by myself, but in this shoot I’m going to dress it down a little bit in order to feel more comfy. For that matter I used a Splendid long-sleeved t-shirt which is perfect for fall. Grey is on trend right now, and it’s getting better when combined with a silvery digital print like this. I also added into the mix my favorite Alzerina Skyline choker with its dazzling ‘charcoal’ crystals grabbing most of the attention. There is a lot of black hidden in this outfit which makes it very sophisticated, sexy, and perfect for strolls in NYC. But at the same time is a bold and casual look, easy to adopt, all day long. And there is also a lot of silver, further reinforced by the presence of my Marc by Marc Jacobs wedge heels. This is not the 7th look I’ll be sporting during the official schedule of the Fashion Week, but I’m sure I’ll wear it when hanging out with friends in the City or visiting designer showrooms! Stay tuned for more stunning looks and please scroll down this post for more pictures!

Love you ALL!!!

Elena Sendona




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