Robbie the Rabbit!

robbie rabbit1Have you seen Robbie Williams’ new video clip for his song “You know me” He is dressed in a rabbit costume and is hoping in a place that resembles “Wonderland”. His girlfriend, Ayda Field, might have been his source of inspiration since she participates in this video clip and she is the one he tries rabbit costumes with, when at home. Robbie added in recent interview that days before the making of this video clip had seen a dream with a rabbit. So he decided to incorporate it into the concept and here he is! A white fluffy rabbit with wonderful customized clothes eating carrots right from the garden is the most beautiful, Christmas-like theme for this season. Sexy bunnies are dancing with him, upgrading an ordinary song into a wannabe hit! Robbie said that he and his girlfriend will make during a Christmas party a rabbit-related surprise to their friends or families. Some say that the carrot appears in the scene as a phallic symbol and the cabbages as vaginas, assumption that that has not been confirmed by the singer.

O Robbie Williams ντύνεται κουνελάκι στο νέο του video clip και είναι τόσο υπέροχος μέσα στο καρό κουστουμάκι του! Η εικόνα αυτή μας φέρνει ένα βήμα πιο κοντά στα Χριστούγεννα. Χορεύει με sexy κουνελάκια και μοιάζει πραγματικά με δώρο… που κρύβει στο σάκο του ο Άη Βασίλης!

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