R13 Makes Distressed Details Mainstream!

By far, this is a very popular brand among millennials and avant-garde people. It fits NYC’s grungy cityscape like a glove. Tie-dye, raw edges, rock & roll prints, roomy silhouettes, homeless-chic layering, roomy ripped jeans, punkish checks, and studded leather jackets coincide with a bohemian type of love for nature, ecology, and art.

Motif clash is always there in the most unexpected of ways. Bleaching and splashing are among the effects that are being used in order to add some edge to the motifs. Military and business look hints are blended with the rest of the rebellious attitude.

Get ready for camping or an outdoor music concert where you really don’t need to look polished in any sense. Everything in this collection seems to be undone and unfinished despite the fact that there is lots of thinking and strategy behind the details. Downtown aesthetics are taking an extreme path, yet most fashionistas are thrilled to adopt it! Looking forward to their new style proposals at the NYFW!

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