Private Policy FW23: Celebrating Life’s Web

Private Policy‘s FW23 line, “We Are All Animals,” emphasizes the profound link between all life forms. The collection spotlights vibrant graphics of young endangered species such as the Amur Leopard and Mountain Gorilla, acting as a reminder to cherish and protect our wildlife neighbors.

Merging style with sustainability, the collection showcases functional features like harnesses and tactile pockets, constructed from donated denim. Additionally, standout jackets crafted from repurposed faux fur make a statement. The brand encourages a departure from the relentless chase of materialism, urging a more primal, day-to-day existence.

Originating from New York, PRIVATE POLICY is a label known for its bold, free-spirited style with a socially conscious approach. Each season, it delves into a relevant social issue, much like a newspaper’s thematic focus.

Steering the brand are creative directors, Haoran Li and Siying Qu, recognized for their influential contributions in the fashion sector. The brand’s collections grace the shelves of global retailers, ranging from Selfridges to boutique international stores.

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