Prabal Gurung is a Study in Great Colors

Whether color-block or printed, his creations speak of the joy of life. Matisse-style motifs, print-on-print situations, and silhouettes that are flattering to all body types are destined to boost your femininity and lift your mood. There is a bohemian luxe factor inherent in his collections. He loves great florals and hues. Gurung was born in Singapore and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, origins he draws upon to create the most beautiful modern glam looks. Hence, some incredible motifs and fluid evening gowns. At 40 years old, this discreet ultra-talented designer makes a great impact on the lives of many women. Plus via his family’s Shikshya Foundation Nepal and other institutions he helps children on many causes including girl trafficking. With over 80% of the collection made in New York, Prabal is also supporting the local community. We definitely like the way he is thinking!

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