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custom_luxury1Louis Vuitton personalization studio

More than ever before people feel the need to stand out by being unique; not by imitating and emulating others with iconic style. These days, it’s very easy to blend in the crowd and disappear, and some fashionable people want to make a very visible statement against it. Big brands should be able to address this need for originality and novelty. They should be able to apply and customize their own true aesthetic to our everyday lives and distinct personalities.

custom_luxury2Bottega Veneta personalized bag

Luxury consumers’ next wish is to see their favorite brands and products mold after their necessities in a very easy, immediate, tech-age way! It’s the oldie made-to-order concept but with a futuristic approach incorporating smartphone apps, Internet and the latest technologies. Wearable tech, for example, is way more customizable than any other garment or accessory before. People feel more in control of the situations through the use of such items and gadgets. Tailor-made things in the past were time consuming, and here is the bet: can luxury brands bring more efficiency to the picture? It’s luster with practicality, what customers are after right now!

Think about it and sending you lots of love!!!  

Elena Sendona

custom_luxury3Lincoln personalization studio

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