Other Cool FW18 Hightlights from NYFW!

As fashion insiders know well, every February at the New York Fashion Week we are watching the presentations and shows for the next chilly weather season. That means, that to a greater extend, when I attended the NYFW in February 2018 I saw the Fall/Winter 2018-19 collections. Fashion designers traditionally, and despite current disruptions showcase their trends and must-haves 6 months before they actually hit the stores and appear in the magazines. That helps editors and buyers a lot, yet the circle is constantly getting disrupted perhaps as a respond to the social media causing consumer quest for instant gratification. Anyways, since we are an online medium, I’m always sharing with you what I’m seeing at the Shows 6 months before non-insiders. In this post, and because you already have got a real scoop of the important shows throughout these months, I’m adding more highlights – things that happened at the rest of the shows, in-between shows, and all of what I forgot to share with you earlier.

Epson Digital Couture is a collective show that showcases the potential of the Epson technology in digital printing (fabrics) and the richness and variety of design talent eager to take full advantage of it to a creative end.

China Day before the official opening of the NYFW was filled with designers who are pushing the boundaries creating avant-garde looks. It was very interesting and pleased the audience of hipsters at the venue.

N-p-Elliott included some very interesting ideas that break the rules of menswear but also mix various cultural influences.

And we also saw how fashionable celebs can get, when they have a charity cause in view. Bravo to all!

There were ladies sitting front row who went all the way bold. And they managed to contrast the all-neutral setting.

Knit baby pink cylindrical sleeves by a new designer felt edgy. I think we need this level of excitement sometimes, to rekindle the romance in fashion!

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Panel discussions with fashion industry experts of that high level are always insightful! They are empowering and inspiring.

There is always something naked at the shows!

There is something oversize or asymmetric in the form of fashion-forward statement by a new designer.

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At the presentations there is some free time to chit chat about fashion. In this case I adored the soil beneath the glass stands!

Christian Siriano discussed the realities of the fashion industry in such a charming and relatable way!

As fashion shows are becoming more about the spectacle, live music is getting more of a mainstream situation, still a nice surprise, especially at smaller shows.

Zang Toi was more into classic tunes, not live, yet still dreamy!

Another semi-naked look by German designer Marcel Ostertag.

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Steetstyle-wise, I managed to meet the cutest NYFW attendee, this ultra impressive great Dane!

And this fabulous lady in custom Valentino coat and Dior ankle boots. Perfection!

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