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Nikomia: Young Eveningwear

Obviously departing from the classical essence of the “Resperis Garments,” a brand that started in 1967, Nikos Resperis and his close partner Mia Evgeneiadou presented at the AXDW a grunge chic Fall/Winter 2011/12 collection of eveningwear pieces, perfect for young active people who love the combination of comfort and style. With a limited palette of red and black, the designer duo “Nikomia” wanted to draw the modern map of femininity, which includes selective use of shiny, transparent and elastic materials. Close fitting pieces such as bodices, tight pants and dresses adorned with glimpses of warm and cold metallic shades, spicy scoops and holes, lacy parts and flounced elements, featured looks which are placed one step behind raw provocation. However, the end product may look somewhat “cheap,” unless adopted by teenagers or edgy young girls. You could not call it elegant and dashing either. Some might describe it as sexy, but we think that the designers should work more on it, creating a sophisticated version of seduction, less evident and far more effective. They have to dispel even the slightest hint of low-taste or feeble imagination in their next collection.
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