Neon Pink is Hotter!

Just tried my new double-peplum top I designed for my capsule collection in combination with a super nice Miu Miu A-line midi skirt in red. And despite the loads of red in this daring matchy-matchy look, you will all realize that neon pink seems to be hotter! I created this peplum top with a very interesting contrast in mind, between the neon pink crepe part and its second red satin peplum. To make it simpler, I layered two different peplums in this blouse; one matt and pink as the greatest part of the blouse, and another underneath, which is red and shiny! And still pink appears as more sexy and scandalous! Can you feel the difference? Send me your feedback either at the comment section under this article or through our social media profiles you will find at the top of this page!

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