My Start-Over Drawings!

I was drawing fashion since I was kid and, with a lot of breaks, this desire comes back again and again. What am I supposed to do? Quit or start over? Once more I m trying to do something meaningful and heavily related to what I m supposed to love. What holds me back from turning my little hidden hobby into a successful career? Is it fear to make mistakes or lack of decisiveness? Somehow I grabbed pencil last night and here we are! Hope you like it, cause I need encouragement to go one step further! I have to give it another chance, otherwise I will never learn if I am good at that!

The first dress is back-to-school-inspired, made of blue velvet and adorned with white sporty zipper and wide organza collar!

The last dress is white leather with brown mink fur details!

This 4-piece collection is an interplay of white with bold color!

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